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horny-macaroni sent: Do you ship Mikasa with anyone?

Yes - mostly with Sasha and/or Annie!

Anônimo sent: do you have any hetalia ships that are not from latin hetalia or the original hetalia?

Uhm I don’t think so… the nations I know the most are either in LH or in the Hetalia canon, so I wouldn’t even know how to ship others!

Anônimo sent: Zu, não sei se vc é dessas, mas em um comércio perto da minha casa, vi uma de suas imagens sendo utilizada na logomarca (sem seus direitos autorais). Só achei legal te avisar ;)

Eita, como assim?? o_O Tem como você mandar foto da logomarca pelo submit?

Color pencils are confusing

Color pencils are confusing

I was feeling weird about drawing these days so I bought a new (cheap) sketchbook, got all my old forgotten color pencils and bic pens and started just drawing whatever the hell I wanted

which proved to be a lot of cute people.

And it got me thinking, this is what I enjoy drawing, you know? But I’ve been feeling I should work on more serious art, build a portfolio, finish some more complicated drawings, learn things. But stressing over that was making me really stiff and anxious over drawing and that’s the worst thing that could happen to me, cause art is my safe space and if I lose that… what’s the point??

I don’t know what I’m trying to say, just… that “draw what makes your heart do the smiley emote" thing really does work and it’s great

Anônimo sent: Hi! sorry if this has been already asked, but do you like other pairings with Brazil and Argentina besides BrArg?

Nnnnnnno I don’t, I mean, I used to ship other Brazil-pairings (Brazil/Uruguay, Brazil/Colombia, Brazil/France, etc.) but nowadays I don’t really?? It just feels so weird to ship Lu with other characters.

… And I just never shipped Tincho with anyone else.

Latin Hetalia sketches from the LS!

Anônimo sent: How do I know when you do a LS? I never been in one of your before =)

I made a post yesterday a couple hours before I opened it, and then another right before going there! I already deleted them though…

For future reference, I usually do them after 7PM (my time zone iiiiis… GMT - 3:00?), usually on fridays or saturdays. Everyone else is partying or doing social things and I’m free to just peacefully draw at home 8D

I hope you can join next time! <3

Ameripan - kiss on the chest

wow Kiku
I forgot to post this D: can you tell i like to draw people climbing on other people? it&#8217;s a problem

Ameripan - kiss on the chest

wow Kiku

I forgot to post this D: can you tell i like to draw people climbing on other people? it’s a problem

&#8212; Arthur and Francis from the LS &#8212;

— Arthur and Francis from the LS —